oh my…wow..that’s all I can say

Originally posted on Joseph McNamara:

I went over to her house on Christmas eve, dressed in my new Santa suit. I wanted it to be a surprise and didn’t tell her I was playing Santa for her children. When she opened the door, she was somewhat shocked at first, and then said to her children, look, “Santa is here.”

I have been dating Serena for about two months now and we were getting close. We shared much in our life, I was widowed, having lost my wife a few years ago, she had just left a relationship that was unfulfilled.  We also shared a unique interest in an alternative life-style and are beginning to explore our mutual interests in a Dominant and submissive life.

She pulled me aside, taking this Santa by the hand and looked at me and said, “John, is that you.” “Yes,” I replied, I thought your kids deserved a nice Christmas…

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Published by: ineedyoutoneedme

I love to write and read. I am a submissive and even after these years, I am still finding my way. I know more than anything that I want to submit to and serve a worthy Man/Woman. Someone who is worthy of me. I will learn to serve Him/Her the way He/She wants to be served. I don't do anything halfway.

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