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Submissive, just the word piques my eros into my zone.  A place that is grounded in my soul.  The longing for desired treasure and sweet surrender.  A continual lust-filled thirst, never really quenched, but at times satiated in wonder. Wanton diversions always at the door, urging me to seek and to harness. A continual ache when dormant. And a loss of desire when submission is absent.

And enter a willingness and a wonder. Where did she come from?  With song and gesture, words beautified in prose, and a hunger in her own right.  Coveting a thirst for direction and longed for discipline.  Needed diversions and lusty thoughts of submission.  Aching to feel the pain of her soul’s desire.  Needful of tethered embrace. And at a loss when left without dominance.

And at year’s end, two souls united in quest will enter 2013 bonded in will. Tethered in relationship and…

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I love to write and read. I am a submissive and even after these years, I am still finding my way. I know more than anything that I want to submit to and serve a worthy Man/Woman. Someone who is worthy of me. I will learn to serve Him/Her the way He/She wants to be served. I don't do anything halfway.

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