The yellowish orb floats in the charcoal grey sky


It lies so low and close one can almost spy the scurrying mythical mice kicking up the powdery golden dust

The earth on its endless journey has revolved once again

 A claw of icy air scrapes against my thin porcelain skin, leaving no trace of its grazing, stinging attack

Like the invisible gashes that crisscross my heart

Bloodless lacerations that never completely heal

Tonight I am missing Him

But like the moon transverses the sky

This too shall pass









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Published by: In Another Realm

I am the single mother of 4 beautifully talented young adults. At the moment, I'm a stay at home mom earning my Masters in English/Creative Writing. It's been a long hard struggle throughout the years but I am finally doing what I love...WRITING. At the core of my being, I have always wanted to write stories (even little short commentaries) that others enjoy.

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