Dominance and submission – Let Her Go – Passenger #ASMSG


You only know your lover when you let her go…

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In all things there are two sides.

The pendulum swings.

Battles are waged and won,

Battles are waged and lost.

We love, we lose, we love again.

We smile, we laugh, we cry.

When you have it, treasure the best,

and when the bad is done, leave it in the past.

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Published by: In Another Realm

I am the single mother of 4 beautifully talented young adults. At the moment, I'm a stay at home mom earning my Masters in English/Creative Writing. It's been a long hard struggle throughout the years but I am finally doing what I love...WRITING. At the core of my being, I have always wanted to write stories (even little short commentaries) that others enjoy.

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