D/s – Is it a submissive thing… – #ASMSG #SEPT


…or is it just me?

Over the last few days, I have been forced to undertake some extremely arduous, manual labor.

Yes, I’m capable of these physically taxing chores, but I find myself not just resenting having to do them, but a society that has apparently decided women are, can be, and should be, completely self-sufficient, and certainly capable of doing anything a man can do.

Men and women are created equal, but nature has created us to excel in different areas, to compliment, support and to nurture as our gender dictates.

I don’t want to lift a 400 lb wooden beam and load it into my car, or carry un-sanded sheets of plywood and scrape my hands.

Perhaps it’s just me.  Perhaps I’m lacking in character or moral fiber, or possess some other flaw that makes me want to be a woman who doesn’t do all those things…

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Published by: In Another Realm

I am the single mother of 4 beautifully talented young adults. At the moment, I'm a stay at home mom earning my Masters in English/Creative Writing. It's been a long hard struggle throughout the years but I am finally doing what I love...WRITING. At the core of my being, I have always wanted to write stories (even little short commentaries) that others enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “D/s – Is it a submissive thing… – #ASMSG #SEPT”

  1. The basic problem is that the idea that “some women want to live life a different way” changed into “every single woman wants to live life a different way”.

    Live your life the way that works for you.

  2. Real feminists want men and women to live their lives just how they want to and have access to the same opportunities, just in case you naturally want to be whatever. The ones who feel feminine women betray our gender are trying to limit people. Some women just happen to like power tools but hate heels. Thinking you should be everything is a trap. 🙂

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